Why A Blog?: It’s an Experiment


Tossing and turning last night, I could not stop thinking about why I took the time to create a blog. Infamous youtuber, Hannah Harto, creator of “My Drunk Kitchen,” has a thing that makes her special. She created a character, and through innocence and hobby motivation, created a product. All she had to do was, act naturally. In the case of Harto, she announced a week ago that she was going on tour, and set up a campaign, raising money for the trip. The goal was to generate $50,000 in 30 days, but to her own amazement, reached her goal in six hours.

Obviously I do not expect to create such a following with anything I do on the internet, especially not in a blog.
Why have I created a website? For starters, the main idea was to steer away from the eye of Facebook. Every time I am caught gandering at the walls, I feel a slight emptyness in my chest. Posting links to articles or sharing videos, if someone does not hit the “like” button, I frown.
“Why did no one watch this video?! IT’S AWESOME!”

Am I vying for attention and being swamped down by news feeds. Who cares what I am reading? Now you see it, now you don’t. Facebook has become an old magic trick. Instant gratification. It is only satisfying when someone acknowledges the words. One “like” is better than none, right?!
It has driven me MAD!!! 
         And all I wanted was to feel connected to my friends, to have a social life….                                                                                          human connection.
… *    *   *
…… *    *   *   *
…….. *    *    *    *    *
…………. *   *    *   *    *    *
Does anyone remember Livejournal? People  wrote long articles about their life.  It may have been slightly childish or seen as an outlet. It may have been “nerdy,” something to do for fun. It may have taken awhile to read through, but it was a conscious decision to interact and write what is going on inside our own heads.
We now visit the wall, whether you care to see it or not. Posts are shorter. And I don’t even know about Twitter, but I hear it’s big. Why does the news media even use Twatter as a tool? This tells me that the internet is a vent, where individuals are allowed to do and say whatever they want, without consequence and complete disregard of the recipient/s. Freedom of speech? until it becomes piracy of course.

Gotta draw the line somewhere.
Ask meteorologist Rhonda Lee, who was fired from KTBS news station in Shreveport, La., for defending herself after a racist comment on her companies Facebook page. No wonder business owners are hesitant about creating websites, free for the public to comment. Why cannot companies delete the comments deemed inappropriate? Because doing so would create a tizzy-fit. The customer, who made the comment, could pester the company for the deleted comment
{R – I- P}   
No matter how rude it was.

The customer is always right
…right?! ….
Even if it is so rude it’s harmful to the employee ?

Thought9 http://www.formfiftyfive.com/

This post was to be about why I decided to blog, back full circle, the answer is simply because, why not.
Does anyone read blogs anymore?
I haven’t read a blog in YEARS. I don’t follow any, period. Well perhaps that’s a slight fib, there is one CutUpSound.
One day, perhaps, I will want to start a business.
Learning how to manage a blog may give bonus experience.
The experiment.
Perhaps it turns into something more? Uncertainties are life.  Interests are vast.  Honing a single topic can take time. Perhaps my eclectic-tanasity will be my falling.down.
Although, making words is easy to do.
Follow the yellowbrick road with me
to find out what happens next!

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