Happy Blog-Birthday Anewwe!

Who/What is Anewwe:

Anewwe is a concept. It is in reference to an emerging idea that humans are a universal family. To create “anew” requires a restart or refresh in positive change. It requires a continuous acceptance and forgiveness of past mistakes as one/we moves forward into the future.

Anewwe is also an internet alter-ego used by me. The internet has become an integral part of society, especially for those who wish to succeed in the world. Connections are made on the internet, and sometimes those connections can be negative. (Youtube search: Shane and Amy Bugbee Ely Soda pop). The Bugbees were run out of the small town of Ely because townsfolk “found out about what they did on the internet.” 

Why the alter-ego?:

As I venture forth into the wire-waters, I have discovered that I would rather my real name stay undercover (for professional purposes). Why? Not because anything I do or plan to do is illegal, violent, or hateful. It is in fact the complete opposite. Anewwe’s blog will be part personal documentation of ideas, but also a place I can truly be creative.
(And yes, I do realize that nothing is anonymous anymore, except for, of course, Anonymous).

I am a writer at heart, and prefer full creativity that can be organized and not forgotten. Facebook has been a tool for keeping in touch with the people I care about, but I have found it to be a time suck. I have forgotten how to be creative! Finding myself wanting instant gratification, I feel that getting people to like and see my comments are not necessarily productive.

What to expect from this blog:

Videos and Vlogs
College Essays
Rants and Raves
Art Sharing
Spiritually Guided Messages
Money Saving Tips
Book & Movie Reviews
Gardening Tips
Music Sharing
News Articles & Soundclips

and more to be conceived….

What can you do:
Participate! How? Don’t be shy to comment on an article you like (or don’t like). Discussions and debates are key to discovering a different point of view.

Facebook and Twitter have gripped us by the balls and ovaries. For me, perhaps blogging will be a freeing more therapeutic medium to create and share.

Thanks for reading!
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