Government Shut Down For A Wall & MLK Jr. Day

I tell myself I shouldn’t post. There’s no reason to fight for anything or anyone. Nothing matters and there is no future for me. I am waiting for nothing and know it will never arrive.

I don’t post often, but I realize that’s because this blog still sits and is hosted by WordPress, thanks I guess WordPress for protecting my blogs right to stay open. I’ve got a lot of beef to pick with WordPress predictive ad choices and I wish I could see WordPress on trial under oath and ask “Who controls the ads?” [Like that will ever happen…]

Technically any website on the Internet is within itself a book. Free. The Internet is a free library, even if the facts are wrong and sometimes made up. Every blog is a free book for everyone else and even better, you get to graffiti on the blog through the comments and sometimes the author comments back or deletes you enough times and calls you a stalker;

I’m posting because I was going through old comments made by random passing Internet walkers reading what was once my personal journal, calling me a possible Russian or Israeli troll. Sometimes I wonder if people who accuse trolls aren’t just trolls themselves. Takes one to know one right? This blog is nothing, now a part of me, like a bad facelift I could hide with a big black robe and habit. Off the ‘net —

No fun. No fun. No fun. Check out my arts page. It never gets updated and is also dead: Anewwe’s Eudaimonia Channel

(Digital Painting by Ani Wheat)

Now I’m ad plugged. If you follow, you’ll find I’ve been concerned with troll farms, but not Russian troll farms… American troll farms. And I am also an American, not that it should matter, but it matters that there’s troll farms utilized by every government who concerns itself with what happens on the Internet with data, information, and whistleblower oh my! Government can’t help but remain online for the end of time.

Let me start anew, by beginning again why I am here now posting:

Being on the Internet is something I felt a kinship with and use to consider myself an activist troll. Then I was told I’m a social justice worker, pronounced SJW. Now I know better. Now I know too much. Now I cannot reverse and cannot take any of my choices back. I cannot and will always live in regret, but at least I’m still alive right?

This blog is nothing and to nothing it shall return. A rock in a stream.

Oh well. This blog is not shut down because the government shut down, this blog has been shut down for awhile, but the author behind is alive and not willing to comment or share opinions much. Blogging and reaching people online all became a complete waste of serious emotions. Love is stupid and causes stupidity within us we get to choose how stupid we’ll be.

I am just one person against hundreds and thousands. The odds are I should be dead, but the rules of warmongers against targets in America is slow, tedious, and a never ending business. You bet the Internet is utilized in real government assassination games and who else would a warmonger hunt but pesky people. Activists, to the warmonger, are nothing more than pests.

Speaking Of Assassinations In Our Government’s Federal History

Monday! January 21st 2019 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. His birthday is technically January 15th, but to make sure federal employees and students are forced to take the day off to spend money, they place the holiday on the 3rd Monday of January, because, duh, everyone already shops on Sunday, but Mondays?! Holiday shopping spree.

MLK Jr. was shot April 4th, 1968 and the death was classified as an assassination by United States government. Evidence shows the FBI were partly to blame, but I don’t know enough history to blame any other agency or person. The FBI as a whole were acting like a bunch of assholes asstits assassin’s henchmen. Not enough people were punished and the history books try very hard not to shame the FBI’s strange tactics of harassment and abuse of power that should be illegal, but is not even discussed as facts in the case of why MLK Jr. was killed.

MLK Jr. was blackmailed via U.S.’s FBI services. He was not a perfect man, even as righteous as he was, he cheated on his wife several times and the FBI knew and oddly tipped off his wife to his infidelity.

The FBI stalked, harassed, and eventually shot him. For me, this is evidence that a religious person, pastor no less, cannot safely walk the streets or sleep in his bed with a government who admits to murdering peaceful U.S. citizens. Even less known are the instruments that are being used today against targets such as what I refer to as a heart attack device. With not enough information, due to it’s secrecy, many blogs and websites are offering false information about what and how our government continues to stalk and kill peaceful activists. Read more about CIA’s heart attack gun here.
Screen shot 2019-01-17 at 1.03.03 AM.png

(Watch Video & Read about CIA’s Heart Attack Gun)

And Americans are lead to believe a government who listens and spies on all its citizens is using their spying capabilities for safety and justice.

Oh. And the rant continues, but I cannot go on tonight with how upsetting it surely is that the tactic known as gang stalking is muddied with lies and sprinkled with truths.

For anyone who has been reading this blog for a long time, they know I do try to get my facts right and don’t believe everything I read. I am a speculator and these pages are meanderings throughout the past years of my experiment as a blogger starting a new blog.

I care about a lot. I care about less now. I no longer care about extraterrestrial aliens, but continue to keep the UFO pages intact on this blog for posterity. I will always care about this letter written by an FBI agent to MLK Jr.

Read more about this FBI agent written letter on Wikipedia

(View this letter closer here)

Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 90 years old this year (2019). He could have still been alive today. His death did not progress the movement of justice against racism, it did the opposite.

Thanks for reading, sorry about WordPress’s annoying ads. I wish I could speak with the ones in charge of just about everything we’re forced to view when it’s considered “free”

you’re here. someday it will make sense

menace 2
Have an ending that doesn’t end?
Make the story end. It’s a nightmare —

Pay no attention to the ads beating you down

Ruined Before Finished – Coming Out Backwards


Experimental blog has made it’s way to a very surprising fork in the road. Blogger. Blogging. American. Poet.


I’m writing a book.


I started this book, well, I started writing on a computer Sept. 30th – Oct, 1st, and wrote all the way up until October 12th, 2017. It’s official date of inception was August 23rd, 2016 in which details a survivor story… where, I’m the survivor.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes. My life isn’t peachy, but I’m not a murderer. Nor am I a filthy rich anything special, but a girl with a very terrible story, that also happens to be true.


Preparing to be called a hoax, an actor, a narcissist, and anything else in between, I believe my crimes are petty compared to the claims I have to make. Such as a government sending “look-alikes of dead family members” who’ve recently died. Sometimes the suspected espionage lookalike is holding an object that is further coincidental to my belief that said dead family may have been murdered. It’s difficult to explain, hence a book.


Copycats have already arisen. However, what my book reports is actually an Ancient Roman warlord tactic, in which a person is followed around and lead to believe they’re not safe using symbols or simply paying people to be rude, thus running out the unwanted person out of town or worst case scenario to a forced suicide.


My book will suspect that the tactic explained above, known today as cognitive infiltration, may have easily been used to force political Internet activist like Aaron Swartz to commit suicide. My book is an extreme case of not only cognitive infiltration, but a list of other atrocious offenses.


The largest mistake of my entire life will have been that I trusted a man named “Robert Lyn Dampos.” Dampos has yet to respond to my 10 months of pleas as a pedogate Hollywood victim.


America’s history is being written, and it is torture for everyone involved.


My story will entail and eventually expose how the CIA, FBI, NSA, Hollywood, Google, most all social media, mainstream news, all radio stations (including non-profits), hospitals, police, festivals, and security of private companies can all be infiltrated, bought, and used to not only target and stalk groups of labeled individuals (activists, artists, whistle blowers, journalists, etc.) can be tormented and abused without proper investigation for stalker type behaviors.


Essentially, I will explain through my own experience, how someone as simple as a blogger who’s opinion is  that “American warlords are #1 largest terrorists …” is indeed true.


I suffer PTSD after what happened. Although, what happened was so very large, that I already had a handwritten journal, that if I died, which I thought, and I’ll have to explain later, that I was too die soon.


Again, simply, what I could say is, “I found out what cognitive infiltration is, and how it can be used to make a persons life beyond miserable.” Not only does the American government wish to murder any like me… a tested and approved peaceful activist… I’ve handed my book over to Robert Lyn Dampos’s bosses, who work for this big bad espionage media mogul who are already copycatting my story, and probably even the way I wrote the manuscript, which was full of editorial crap like: *^^ >><>> …


Which are notes and not something one publishes.


When I learned about the LV Shooting, I stopped writing because I went back on to the Internet after writing 150 pages of the book detailing how American warlords, with corporate moguls, including Hollywood, have taken over America’s secret police through National Security Agencies mass spying capabilities.


My book is to report and expose how the Pedophile Rings are able to access and infiltrate any and all devices connected to the Internet.


Unfortunately, because this is real life, my real life memoir I’m writing, and it will expose some strange tactics that can all be pointed back to the CIA, the FBI, and again, Hollywood.


Everybody dies.


My book will detail and suspect a lot of murder, and it will all be suspected and placed blame onto the secret police and the “alphabet stew” and their hush hush over everything.


With the JFK papers coming out soon, everyone will begin to learn just what the secret police are sweating rocks about.


Furthermore, my book will come back weaving together how many of these terrorist attacks, including 9/11 was indeed an inside job.



I will be smeared.
Instead of letting the media smear me..


I’ve decided to take a tip from Tyrion Lannister and slowly leak out the things in my life that are stupid bullcrap that only teens would care about right?


Well. Maybe I won’t do that, but essentially, that is what is entertainment news right?


Following Anewwe’s Search For Eudaimonia,
We have the largest eye of all: the elite.


They’ve read 150+ pages of my book already.
Not only because I’m an idiot made scared by the LV Shooting, but because I gave my manuscript to that guy Dampos.




This is not a stunt. Dampos is not the man’s real name. But it sure is close to Campos, that Jesus Campos guy ..


My book will regurgitate information that already exists about electronic harassment devices. These, I call them heart attack devices, and I’ve got a great number of claims to make about how covert murders and cognitive infiltration has been causing deaths that seem health related or depression.


Cognitive infiltration can lead to force suicides.


My book will attempt to bring light to this situation with humor incorporated.


As such, I think it’s time to turn the light on to this blog. I think I’ll do a bit of spring cleaning?


I’ve got a lot of work to do guys. Not only as a full-blown writer, author, book writer, poet, I’ve got a lot to say after not saying much.


My problem is that my platform here at was never anything to begin with, but, I will stay true to me. I’m not anyone else. Anewwe is my trollish name, I have many. I’m an American citizen, and my unfinished  book is in the hands of warlords.


That book they have… it’s about them — but, it’s about me too.


Then again, even more, the story is about how I found the government believes in the afterlife, and that they try to use the laws of the universe for a different kind of control.


This book will detail how a personality, how a celebrity, could be scared into not saying how they were “discovered.”


Yes. Cover your eye.
Flap your wings.


My book, the pedophiles I want to expose, they have the book I foolishly handed over to that Dampos character. That guy. I wanted to detail how some artists are discovered.


Coming out is the scariest thing… but… I don’t have sex with children


1776: They Will Care

This song is how I feel, until my death. I will never have someone else force their opinions on me.

Mass spying is essentially a meat market to the elite.

Pizza-gate is an iceberg, and America is covertly sinking.

This is my S.O.S.

Stay safe, this is a mind war.
email: for support

Until then please research: Cognitive Infiltration

Abraham Lincoln’s Killer Dreams

World. Hello.
Hello, American government
(You realize it’s a blog? Putting myself out there).

Reporting from some defective soapbox. Blog never was news, but “fun” information posted here at the Anewwe’s Search for Eudaimonia (Eudaimonia means “happiness”). Obama’s nsa admin. decided to  spread lies about this “anonymous” blogger. Federal agents went as far as to spread the lie that I was being called “the queen of anonymous” … No. Not the queen of hacking… not even the queen of blogging.                       [[LONG STORY… REDACTED]]

This blog was a copy paste a lot of the time. Now I don’t feel comfortable sharing myself to the government, but that’s what being on the Internet is for the entire world. We are all sharing our insides with the government. They scraped my history to the bone. Scary shit. Why?:

Our government admitted to the harassment, stalking, and assassination of Martin Luther King JR., and so many more atrocities to peaceful changers and social justice workers, journalists, scientists, artists, etc.,etc…

This may be the last time I write a blog of this nature. Unfortunate as it’s my religious and political self being hated upon. I realize not many people read this blog, and I garnered heavy attention from the moguls I was reporting on —

Giants vs. Blogger
Blogger decides to NOT run for office.

That’s right folks. Anewwe Evolve “Ani Wheat” started this blog to follow “the yellow brick road” and now I’ve discovered the “Gordian Knot” of marionettes. Oh what fun to speak in metaphors, isn’t it?

Nobody knows, but the biggest readers of poetry is our National Security Agents [FBI, CIA, etc.]. Hey dudes, I’m a private citizen, poet, not a terrorist. Within is your own enemy, may you find peace.

Now, to the real reason I was going to blog about. ::WEIOWEE SIRENS:: Blogger blogging!!

Yesterday I learned that Abraham Lincoln believed that our dreams were gateways into spiritual warnings (premonitions). During his first term as President, he had a dream where he saw a double exposure of his own face. One was colorful, happy, healthy painting the other was pale and “looked like death.” The couple interpreted the dream as Abraham would die in his second year of office.

In his second term, he had another disturbing dream, in which he was wondering around the Whitehouse with people mourning and an open casket. He asked a man who’d died and the man said “The President.” Three days after the dream Abraham Lincoln was shot, and the rest is history.



The Light of my Life

Aww, if you missed the poem by Howard Moss, it’s called Front Street. And it’s so hilarious how much it pertains to the NSA’s collection of peace lovers.

David Bowie is one of the many lights of my life. I wish to share another poem that I’ve read recently. It pertains metaphorically to a predicament that I see. If I had more data to upload a video of me reading the poem, I’d do it, but I lack some data requirements, so you’ll have to read this poem. I let you interpret your own meaning:

by Thomas H. Vance

The air of the museum
Warns “Do not touch.” Propped still,
The divine statues wear
Sleep that could spring and kill.

That sinewy warrior, king,
Has waked, and stares in stone.
His eyes are beyond fear.
He ages; his mind is gone.

With a dead tongue he cools
The whispering visitors;
Around his niche, his cave,
The riveted city towers.

Around his marble arms
That crushed the fierce demon,
How cold through finicking glass
The atoms of light pour down.

Fabulous, finished and stripped,
For a great fall he stands:
He held up state and sky;
Hard time is on his hands.

He sees his shadow, nothing,
Etched on the scholar’s book;
Pressed with the print of death,
He is praised, but cannot speak.

But yet his majesty moves:
Stealing, hidden and still,
When midnight melts the walls,
He slips his pedestal.

O now he leaps to life
In shafts deeper than rock;
In rooms no city roofs
This conqueror cleaves the dark.

Magnificent in the night
He slays his spectral foes,
He wastes the astonished earth
And wounds the still shadows.

Bent, blind, he walks in blood;
Striding in sleep, nightmares,
Beyond the darkest pole,
He freezes, but still endures.

His proud arms, perilous thews,
Stiffen in silent stone.
The slow light threads his hands
That thrashed the lost dragon.

— by Thomas H. Vance


My inspirational desktop. My bullies have made me strong.The light of my life lingers in the hearts of all souls, and my abusers know that I choose love and (eventually) forgiveness. I cannot be bought. The gods of all beliefs are with me on one thing: the power of love. I am not a terrorist, but I sometimes call my cat one…–when he knocks stuff off the counter…!

I am a mellow bringer of peace, and my fingerprint upon humanity lives forever;
within my words are truth and beauty. Our souls will live forever. Our dreams are ours.
My government knows me better than my family. What a terrible revelation, because
my government has been known to murder peaceful people.

Please google search: gang-stalking and no-touch torture.It is a terrible offense to our countries beautiful dreamers and wonderful thinkers. Our scientists, whistleblowers, and bloggers (me) have and are being subjected to this illegal technique. It is the biggest threat to creative peaceful people of our planet. All Occupiers are not safe. I am an American, and a dreamer of love in all actions, but I was still subject to this terrible practice. Because I called the head of NSA “my fuzzy puppet” among many other things. Essentially, it’s a form of psychological blackmail, and it is very difficult to prove.

Please educate yourself of this historically illegal technique. It is an insult to Democracy, freedom, and justice. It’s what they did to Martin Luther King Jr. and they’re still doing it, and with complete collection, due to the NSA, it makes it very easy to psychologically torture a target. These people will be forgiven whenever they decide to stop torturing good loving citizens. Until it stops, I fear for the soul of humanity. Our evolution is being hindered and our freedoms have been fractured. Celebrities are probably most aware of these illegal techniques, but anyone who speaks out about it is subject to the abuse.

…I speak out about it because it was the worst experience of my entire life, and if I had known the terms “gang-stalking” and “no-touch torture,” then I would have been better equipped to speak to the doctors and case workers I was subjected to during my gang-stalking ordeal. Instead, my medical files will paint me as something that I am not. I am not a psychotic. I am a functional creative being, and love my art and ideas. I just don’t follow through with every project I do, because I love to do so many different activities… I am supposed to be writing a fantasy novel, but because I was just recently gang-stalked, I am distracted by what I now know. And with a $24K medical bill, I am sad and feel as if I am living in a metaphorical Nazi Germany. I am afraid to be me, because everything I do is monitored.
It feels terrible to be afraid to share, because I love to share. We are at a Catch-22, because my government let me know they could kill me at any minute, but they don’t. But I am left with the realization that America is in the dark about just how much control the secret police truly have.

If I tried to run for President, they’d probably just kill me.
I’m still alive, but gang-stalking should be very much illegal.

Anewwe’s Search for Eudaimonia